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Submitted by blooket | July 4, 2023, 08:06:34 | Blog

QuizzLand Quiz & Travia is an information game. The language of the game is English. After the game is opened, a screen appears on the screen that requires you to select your age. With this comes the choice of interest and gender. After these steps, the nickname to be used in the game is selected. After the selection is made on the application wants to send notification screen, the game starts. The main page of the game welcomes the player with more than one content. There is a heart-shaped button with in-game purchases in the upper right part. In the upper part there is a section with a profile picture and nickname and where the scores are written. When the Play button is pressed, we are first faced with a test called education. When the game starts, a screen with levels appears. On this screen there are icons of the related categories to which the questions belong.


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