Odia Book Yajyanbalkopanishad Saha Saptadasha Upanishad By Sri Madhusudan Mohanty

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The Aranyakas are followed by the Upanisads. The Upanishads are the sweet fruit, the last fruit or phala, if the Samhita is the tree, the Brahmana is the flower, and the Aranyaka is the fruit. The Upanisads provide the seeker with a straight route to understanding the non-difference between the Paramatman and the jivatman.The Samhita and the Aranyaka are meant to lead us down this path of enlightenment. The Upanisads mention a few gods here and there, but their main focus is on helping readers discover the Absolute Truth and reach the point where they are grown and wise enough to free themselves from all karma.

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