Sunflower Oil Market Size to Reach USD 23.5 billion by 2030 Expanding at 5.00% CAGR – Report by Mark

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Native to North and Central America, sunflowers (Helianthus) are widely farmed for their seeds, flowers, and oil production. Worldwide, the food, energy, and chemical industries utilize much seed-derived oil. Yet one of the things driving the market growth is how widely it is used in the food business. Sunflower seed oil is the fourth most popular vegetable oil eaten worldwide, according to a study published in Oilseeds & fats Crops and Lipids 2020. The oil is rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid,and other vital components that lower harmful cholesterol levels in the body. This has gradually boosted its use as a healthy cooking and frying oil in households and food processing facilities. Moreover, vegan mayonnaise, cheese, spreads, and cosmetics can be made with this oil. Thus, these variables work together to increase demand over the foreseeable period.


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